Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kickboxing & MMA

Technique. Intensity. Family.

At Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Olympia, we believe that all of us can grow to be the best we can be through involvement and immersion in intense conditioning/athletic programs. Our aim is to provide you with all of the tools needed to meet your goals as an athlete, to become the best version of yourself possible.

We focus on your learning and applying the best possible techniques, whether they are in Brazilian Jiu-JitsuMuay Thai KickboxingMMA  or in preparing for any of a myriad of other sports.

You will train with goals in mind, not just to be the best at working out.
We strive for long term health, functionality, maximum intensity, and realistic effectiveness. We support each other in reaching these goals as a family.

We will provide you the tools and the environment to attain your personal fitness and training goals.
The goals and focus are the same throughout the gym: Technical, Intense Training that is grounded on attaining maximum physical conditioning and results.

Each new student is a welcome addition to our family, and as you progress, you will develop the skills and push the performance of your teammates.
We focus on learning; we all become better when a new student improves. This is not a shark tank or a parade of egos: this is where we become better.

Become the person you knew you could always be: physically, emotionally, spiritually…

Please stop in and see us, or call if you have questions. We would very much enjoy talking with you about your goals and how we can assist you in meeting them!


Robert Owens has a black belt originally under Carlson Gracie School with over 20 years experience. He is one of the three longest practicing American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors in the northwest. He holds multiple belts in other arts, is army combative level III certified, oversees and coaches MMA fighters, and instructs Women’s Self Defense, Executive, Occupational Self Defense, along with First Responder Self Defense courses.
Robert has been coaching athletes for over 30 years and has been trained by Olympic level coaches. He is CrossFit Level One Certified. This extensive experience and training background has given him the background to work with athletes of all abilities to help them establish and meet their conditioning and sports goals.
Robert has a teaching background of over 20 years, which makes him uniquely qualified when teaching and running youth programs. He is also a father with kids in the Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes.


We offer a FREE Week Trial class for you to make sure we are the right fit.  We have family rates, military discounts and Bring a Friend promotions.    Come in to see what we have to offer!


Arrive 15-20 min before any non-spar class to tour the gym, fill in a waiver, and meet our staff and members.  

What to bring and wear?
Flip Flops 

For all classes:
Tops: a rashguard or athletic sport shirt like Under Armor style (short or long sleeve, no tank tops or sports bras) must be worn in all Kickboxing, MMA & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes.

Bottoms: fight shorts or board shorts (no pockets or zippers) or spats.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu GI (our uniform):  
We provide loaner GIs for trial students.  We wear Blue or white in our school.  
Please wear a short or long sleeve rashguard underneath the gi.  You may want to wear spats or compression shorts under the pants. 

Kickboxing: We have loaner 14 oz gloves and shin guards for trial students.  
No jewelry, no metal in hair, all piercings if cannot be removed will need to be covered with athletic tape.